ISAT BIM and Seismic CAD Modeling

ISAT BIM Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Seismic CAD Modeling Services

Many Owners and GCs ask, “Do you do BIM?”  Many contracts are now stipulating BIM deliverables for the MEP configurations.  But will your MEP model be compatible with the structural model?  With the architectural model?

The advent of BIM in the marketplace has a lot of subcontractors worried.  But they shouldn’t be.  They already have a trusted partner who can help.  Let ISAT be your BIM Services Team.

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With ISAT’s BIM Services, your firm can be BIM-enabled tomorrow.  Our team will provide peer review services to ensure knowledge transfer with your team, bringing them up-to-speed quickly, ready to tackle the next job. 

The 2010 McGraw-Hill BIM SmartMarket Report delivered a startling revelation, “BIM users would rather work with strangers who know BIM than with friends that don't."  This is significant in an industry where repeat business is based upon good working relationships with the many partners in your area.

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3D BIM Modeling Seismic BIM Services Point Load Drawings
3D BIM Modeling Seismic BIM Services Point Load Drawings

Partner with ISAT to jump into BIM headfirst.  We’ll deliver what you need to stay competitive in today’s changing marketplace.  Our BIM Services Team provides everything you need to lead the project team and complete the preconstruction work and stand out as a star on the project.

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