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ISAT Seismic Bracing is a global provider of engineering services, consulting services and restraint system components for nonstructural seismic bracing. Specializing in the healthcare, industrial and commercial construction markets, our entire focus is specific to providing code compliant solutions that are both cost effective and construction friendly.  Our services and solutions are specific to MEP & F building utility systems with specific services and solutions for Plumbing Engineers. ISAT’s services are available to augment the specialized needs of the design construction team or simply act as a standalone seismic bracing engineer of record for the project.

ISAT’s sole discipline is the design of nonstructural seismic restraints, which has enabled us to gain a tremendous amount of experience and expertise complimented by streamlined execution efficiencies. We are constantly upgrading our products and services based on changing building codes, changing industry standards and feedback from the installing contractors.  In order to streamline our services, ISAT archives our engineering, details and solutions for easy recall. These archives are the backbone of the ISAT Design, Installation and Inspection Manual series. These manuals are a comprehensive library of seismic bracing solutions, engineering design tables, code clarifications, in depth installation details and inspection criteria.  This approach removes the redundancy of engineering the most common situations, and has become the standard for many engineers and contractors having to deal with the requirements of the International Building Codes or California hospitals under the jurisdiction of OSHPD.  With over 5500 projects completed and archived at our fingertips, we can quickly and cost effectively provide you the solution you need to meet the code and pass the scrutiny of inspection and engineering review.

ISAT provides services from project bid and pre-construction thru post installation walks with the inspection authorities and all aspects in between. With specific emphasis on reducing labor costs, ISAT will become an extension of your project staff. Take a closer look at our services by reviewing the other information provided on this page as well as the short list of services listed below:

ISAT provides an array of seismic specific project services including but not limited to:

  • Project pre-planning and cost estimation.
  • Coordination with the owner and building design professionals for selecting/gathering the appropriate nonstructural seismic design parameters.
  • Specification Reviews.
  • Pre-construction 2D and 3D BIM coordination services.
  • Engineered seismic restraint solutions for all MEP and F trades.
  • Seismic location layout drawings stamped by a registered design professional.
  • Location specific pre-assembled seismic restraint components delivered to the installation contractor. Kits match locations as detailed on seismic layout drawings.
  • Equipment anchorage calc's and custom engineering
  • Training of installers, supervisors and construction oversight personnel.
  • Ongoing jobsite inspection and quality assurance documentation.
  • Coordination with building officials, inspectors and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction.
  • Existing site seismic reviews and detailed survey of MEP utilities.
  • Seismic retrofit of existing MEP utilities and survey services.
  • Code educational training seminars.


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