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Pioneering the Evolution of Nonstructural Seismic Solutions

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, Canterbury, and various other regions, earthquake preparedness has been a highlighted concern for construction professionals and local business entities alike. Aside from obvious concerns about the safety of building occupants, the construction industry is under increasing pressure to assure seismic compliance on current and future construction projects.

For a majority of commercial buildings regardless of location, the nonstructural components of a building typically represent a high percentage of the total capital investment. According to a numerous local reports, well over half of the costs incurred in the Christchurch earthquakes were associated with nonstructural elements. New Zealanders saw firsthand the devastation these quakes are capable of causing not only to the physical elements of their community, but also to their economy. The Insurance Council of New Zealand also reported in May 2014, that the cost of nonstructural element failures had resulted in many otherwise repairable buildings being demolished.

Subsequently these events have highlighted the importance of properly engineered and installed seismic restraints for engineering systems. With decades of experience pioneering the evolution of nonstructural seismic solutions, ISAT-Vaico is committed to helping the construction industry rebuild their local communities with seismic resilience.  Our teams work closely with customers providing transparent information from project inception to completion. This tactic assists in ensuring every opportunity for project savings has been considered, while also ensuring a safe code compliant seismic system is the end result.