ISAT Kit Process

ISAT's orange bucket seismic bracing kits.

Our Process Makes Seismic Bracing As Easy As 1-2-3


Coordinate and Communicate with the Client

Seismic Bracing Coordination  

Upon review of the project specific seismic requirements ISAT meets with the client to discuss jobsite congestion, labor considerations, project sequencing, and building load limitations. Upon agreement with the client, ISAT proceeds to design and detail seismic layout drawings in either 2D CAD, within a comprehensive 3D model, or on the contractor's shop drawings. Careful consideration is given to ease off installation to reduce jobsite labor.


Seismic Layout Drawings with the Client

Seismic Design Drawing Plans  

Detailed seismic layouts are performed on the project drawings locating the minimum amount of bracing to meet the local code and specifications.

ISAT takes into account the contractor's installation preferences. All locations correspond to bracing legends on the planset that spell out all necessary information needed for contractor installation inspection and engineering review.

Installation options for changes in field conditions are built into the submittal and are referenced on the layout drawings.

Drawings are stamped by an ISAT Structural Engineer.


Pre-assembled Seismic Kits Delivered to the Job site

ISAT Orange Bucket Kit  

All seismic locations are delivered in location specific kits that are pre-assembled and contain all necessary components and installation instructions.


All components necessary for code compliant installation are provided pre-assembled and labeled to correspond to locations on the seismic layout drawings. All kits include the necessary:

  • ISAT Rod Capture Seismic Brackets (Either Cable Or Rigid)
  • Connectors Appropriate To The Installation Location Concrete Expansion Anchors, Beam Clamps, Leg Bolts, Etc.
  • Rod Stiffeners
  • Exact Installation Instructions
  • Kits Are factory Assembled Under Strict Quality Control For Each Location

We take the guess work out of the installation so contractors can use their most effective labor to install code compliant seismic bracing.

Learn more about ISAT's custom kit manufacturing and drawings.

Did you know that ISAT can also provide Vibration Isolators in the kits as well?

Vibration Isolation Seismic Kits include:

  • Vibration isolation spring boxes sized for application
  • Pretied and adjustable seismic cable brace arms
  • Proper anchorage to structure
  • Rod stiffeners
  • Engineered installation details
Seismic Vibration Kits

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