ISAT's Push Rod Hangers

Push Rod Hanger

ISAT's Push Rod Hangers, Revolutionary Patented Insert Design Beyond the Blue Banger Hanger

The Original Blue Banger Hanger Insert Just Got Even Better!

The Push Rod Hanger Inserts were engineered from the original, patented Blue Banger Hanger. That’s right, the insert that changed the anchoring industry just got even better. The Push Rod Overhead Attachment System features a revolutionary patented auto-lock chamber that locks in threaded rod.

Installers will quickly realize the labor savings benefits of simply pushing threaded rod into the Push Rod Auto-Lock Insert instead of turn threading. But wait, it gets even better, the threaded rods themesleves include patented Engagement Indicators that confirm full engagment. No second guessing, no installer error. Plus, just like the Blue Banger Hanger cousin, Push Rod Hanger’s reduce inventory because each insert accomodates multiple rod sizes that can be changed after installation.

Which Push Rod Hanger Can We Tell You More About?

Push Rod Hanger SDI
Push Rod Steel Deck Insert
Pre-Poured Concrete Decks
Push Rod Hanger PIP
Push Rod Pour-in-Place Insert
Wood Form Concrete Decks

Push Rod Brochure

Just Push It!!! Push Rod's save labor, no turn-threading. Patented Engagement Indicators ensure proper installment to PREVENT INSTALLER ERROR.

ISAT Brochure Download the ICC ESR-3599 Report


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