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New Zealand Nonstructural Seismic Retrofitting - In Conformance with NZS 4219; NZS 1170.5

NZS 4219: 2009, Section 2 requires the design of seismic restraints for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering systems. The resultant construction documents are to be prepared by a chartered professional engineer. Failure to meet the requirements of these systems in the event of an earthquake can be detrimental to the continuity of a business, as well as impose significant life safety risks. Similarly to post-earthquake conditions in other regions, the damage to nonstructural building components in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquake reportedly surpassed that of the structural damage. The extent of damage caused by the earthquake has caused building professionals to reevaluate the importance of complete seismic resilience.

With over ten years’ experience in nonstructural seismic upgrades around the world, our retrofitting division has been able to streamline methods that minimize labor and material costs for clients, while also allowing facilities to remain fully operational throughout project execution. ISAT-Vaico’s retrofitting expertise has been utilized for some of the most strictly enforced projects in the world, including hospitals, biopharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing plants, airports, federal government buildings, and more. This has positioned us as a leading provider of retrofitting services that building professionals rely on for the best service and fastest turnaround for both pre and post construction. With registered structural and mechanical engineers, in-house CAD specialists, designers, seismic bracing layout technicians, and field support staff, we are the only “one stop shop” for seismic upgrades.

Seismic Retrofitting Services Include:

Key Advantage of Seismic Retrofitting:

  • Existing Site Survey
  • Seismic Bracing Layout/Equipment Anchorage Details
  • Creation of As-Built Drawings/3D Model
  • Engineering/Calculations
  • Installation Coordination
  • Kit Installer/Detailer Training
  • 3D Modeling/ 2D to 3D Coordination
  • Dedicated Survey Staff
  • Streamlined, Cost Effective Code Compliance
  • Remain Operational During Retrofit
  • Reduced Installation Costs, Change Orders, & RFI’s
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Faster Project Turnaround Time
  • Protection of Lives, Equipment, and Inventory
  • Risk Mitigation & Business Continuity

How it works

While facility upgrades share some common elements, each project must be custom-designed to meet the unique circumstances of clients. ISAT offers an array of services that focus on generating accurate field surveys of existing suspended piping, medical gas, suspended and floor mounted equipment, suspended ceiling bracing, fire sprinkler lines, electrical utilities and HVAC duct conditions. We then create as-built drawings of existing utilities, engineers and coordinates a seismic bracing solution to meet the requirements for the engineering systems.

One optimal project solution includes the use of code compliant hardware that is shipped to the project areas in location-specific kits. These kits contain all the components to properly brace utilities with the intent of streamlining the review process and minimize the building consent process. ISAT-Vaico keeps the construction effort on-task and on schedule by interfacing with the project inspection field staff, playing a vital role in augmenting the success of any seismic retrofit.

If you would like to learn more about the seismic retrofitting of your commercial project, or to request a free seismic seminar for your company, CONTACT us today!