2013 CBC OSHPD OPM-0403-13. OSHPD Approved 2013 Design, Installation and Inspection Manual for Nonstructural Seismic Bracing

OSHPD Approved Seismic Restraint System for Distributed Mechanical Piping, HVAC Duct, Plumbing Process Piping, Electrical Systems and Equipment

ISAT’s preapproved seismic manual delivers pre-engineered solutions for the most common seismic design conditions in relation to nonstructural utilities. By utilizing these solutions, customers are able to eliminate redundant project engineering while also streamlining successful code compliance. ISAT’s OSHPD approved manuals have become the standard for engineers dealing with seismic requirements for California hospitals under the jurisdiction of OSHPD.

The 2013 CBC (OSHPD) is a comprehensive library of code specific seismic bracing solutions, engineering design tables, code clarifications, in-depth installation details and trade specific inspection criteria.

• Reduce project review time
• Meet or exceed 2013 CBC OSHPD seismic design requirements
• Extensive pre-engineered solutions illustrating methods for the successful restraint of distributed utility systems
• Engineered seismic restraint assemblies for common utility conditions including hardware components and anchorage designs for connection to structure.

Utility components in the ISAT OSHPD OPM-0413-13 manual include, but are not limited to:

  • Cable Tray & Bus Duct
  • Electrical Conduit
  • Conduit Racking
  • Vibration Isolation Electrical Equipment
  • Hangers & Supports
  • Mechanical Piping
  • HVAC Duct
  • Plumbing Process Piping
  • Ductile Piping Materials
  • Non-Ductile Piping Systems
  • Inline and Independently Supported Suspended Equipment
  • Piping Systems with Hazardous Contents

OSHPD Compliance

California’s building code requires OSHPD certification of critical facilities throughout the state. Additionally, International Building Codes are used by almost every state, and address both the design and installation of building systems with an emphasis on performance. Model code regulations that safeguard public health and safety are the backbone of such building codes. Other countries have been modeling the example of the United States and enforcing the use of building codes as well. In areas that do experience earthquakes, these nonstructural system protections ensure buildings remain functional to ensure the safety of occupants and for essential building management.


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