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This is much more than a pretty picture.  The BIM model we produce is a highly accurate representation of the materials and geometry that will go into the job.  These BIM models can be combined with other systems models for clash detection and constructability.  These BIM models can be used for a robust construction-caliber quantity-takeoff.  From these BIM models, we can derive schedules and estimates.  These BIM models can even be used for fabrication.  And the more fabrication done ahead of time off-site means the better the installation on-site.

Whether you need a BIM model as part of the Owner requirements, a model for coordination efforts, or a model for fabrication efforts, the BIM Services Team at ISAT can deliver the goods.

Our modelers employ a strict constructability regimen to ensure that elements are modeled correctly, for construction.  The modeling process incorporates Six Sigma methodologies for rigorous quality control.  This process, while adding many steps to the modeler’s checklist, also ensures that our models are more than just geometrically precise – but also fabrication-ready. 

This is much different than a design-intent model that typically provided by architects.  Additionally it is much more robust than a sole proprietor modeling shop, or an offshore production modeling firms.  But as you already know from working with ISAT, we would never offer a service that was just good enough.  Our goal is to provide you with BIM models and service that has an immediate impact on your team, your deliverables, and your relationships with the project stakeholders.

Seismic Bim before
Seismic Bim after


How It Works

We turn around our models as quickly as possible.  The models are built from the construction documents available when the project starts and can be updated as new information is made available.

The models can be delivered to you in ArchiCAD, CAD-Duct, Revit, Tekla, or as a Navisworks file.  If you utilize our coordination services, this model can be combined with other systems models for clash detection and constructability analyses, too.

If you are bidding multiple jobs or working on several high-visibility projects, we can help you with a retained, dedicated modeling team.  This team can be sized according to your volume, and even assigned to multiple shifts to provide the best service to you even during crunch periods.  The team knows your projects intimately and can be the advantage you need to win and manage multiple jobs, even when your own staff is sharply trimmed.

Depending on the level of detail required, we can work with your team to add tailor a services engagement with your team.  This means incorporating other data, including means and methods, resources, locations, productivity rates, and costs into the model (hence the “I” in BIM).  These 4D and 5D services will help you accelerate up the learning curve from BIM Novice to BIM Expert.

This extra information can help you work with the project team to develop what-if scenarios for materials and labor.  By running scenarios through the model, you can quickly answer questions for the Owner to keep the project within scope, within safety codes, and within budget.

Our models are priced competitively based on a number of factors, including the density of MEP, project square footage, the building use, repetitive flooring, and many other considerations.  To speak to a member of our Services Team, please contact us.  We have a questionnaire that we can walk through with you to learn more about your project and help you price it accordingly.

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