#1 Choice of Leading Professionals Worldwide, but don't take our word for it.

"I highly recommended that we develop a closer relationship with ISAT to provide further assistance in the area of non-structural seismic bracing and vertical support systems due to the outstanding performance of ISAT during all phases of the design and construction.”

-William, Fluor Incorporated Building Services

“One ISAT provided container has everything required for that specific brace as identified on their location drawings. The container provides all components and includes a PE stamped drawing of the specific brace. We highly recommend that any company working in a seismic region utilize the services of ISAT.”

-Walter, Fluor Incorporated Building Services

“The review of our support specification helped us improved our documents by eliminating conflicting statements and ambiguity.  We were able to have a better document that helped us avoid change orders and RFI’s.  I would recommend ISAT to all Fluor projects that need seismic bracing services.”

-Ralf, Electrical Lead Genentech CCP2 Project

“ISAT is an invaluable member of our team."

-Rick, AFR Construction Project

“To my knowledge there is not another system that is as well thought out and developed as the ISAT system for seismic bracing of the MEP systems."

-Douglas, Fluor Enterprises Inc

Leading the Industry in Seismic Restraint Solutions and Building Code Compliance for all Nonstructural MEP & F systems.

“It is a pleasure having a subcontractor that can perform as promised on a consistent basis. They kept us on schedule when we were behind providing them the information they needed to get our packages coming and made us look good in the process. ISAT is the best in the business at what they do.”

-Dan, Temp Control Mechanical Corp

"ISAT engineering support is very solid and their work is done in a timely manner. Their installation support personnel are outstanding and they were always able to attend short-notice meetings at this remote jobsite to address any critical issues that we encountered in the field. Without a doubt, I consider ISAT my #1 choice for all of our seismic work."

-Kent, Temp Control Mechanical Corp

“ISAT provided superior customer service on both ends of the deal with tips on procedures that would limit the amount of bracing needed and excellent follow up service with questions and inspections to get the deal closed. We were able to close out the job with no punch list or inspection problems to hang us up. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

-Rod, Wasatch Electric

“Seismic engineering is an important function of building a Hospital in California. With ISAT we are able to complete each area of our project and the aggressive schedule's on time. The technical support, response time and acumen of ISAT's team is outstanding from their sales staff and engineers to the warehouse and large prefab area. I look forward to working with ISAT on all hospital projects.”

-David, SASCO

“I would personally like to thank the ISAT Seismic Bracing team for their contributions to the project.  The hard work on everyone's on part has resulted in a partnering decision to finish the project 4 months ahead of the original schedule. For anyone who has worked on a Hospital, they know what a monumental task has been accomplished here.  Once again, thank you ISAT for dedication and for being a part of our enormously successful Hospital!”

-Rich, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

We call it “Streamlined Code Compliance”, but you can simply call it ISAT!

“ISAT has provided our company with a priceless amount of knowledge and information on seismic bracing of fire sprinkler piping.  With a constant change of the building codes I rely on ISAT to provide us with up to date bracing to meet all OSHPD and current building code regulations. ISAT has provided us with onsite visits to meet with inspectors and help expedite the inspection process.  I will continue to use ISAT for all of our future bracing needs.”

-Reggie, Ortiz Fire Protection

“We have been pleased and satisfied with every facet of ISAT service. With their Engineering, detailed and accurate drawings, product line, field training and periodic site visits, ISAT has been instrumental in our ability to provide our customers an installation that is expected and deserved. We will continue to look to ISAT as our first choice for seismic technical support and products.”

-Paul, Western Allied Corp

“I feel the way ISAT does there design with the associated seismic kits are very easy to match up and install, which cuts down on labor.  I am highly looking forward to working with ISAT in the very near future.  I am very proud to say, “ISAT was a great member of our team on a successful project.”

-Michael, CCI Mechanical, Inc

"I would like to thank you and your team in advance for outstanding work with regards to meeting schedules and the quality of CAD work."

-Charles, Sasco

"ISAT is always a critical member of our project team.  By offering engineering, product and, most importantly, project management support, they provide an added level of service an expertise unmatched by their competitors.  ISAT is, and will remain, a valued business partner."

-Robert, Bergelectric Corporation