About ISAT

International Seismic Application Technology - With Over 15,000 Completed Projects We Own The Experience.

International Seismic Application Technology (ISAT) is dedicated to assisting contractors, engineers, facility owners and project teams achieve code compliance in a cost effective manner.  It is easy to see why the nation's largest contractors use ISAT for their most complicated projects.

Find out why the industry's leading contractors, engineers, inspectors, and facility owners rely on the ISAT approach for stream-lined seismic code compliance. Take the fear out of seismic bracing and put ISAT on your jobsite. 

Hospital Experience? Unmatched and Undeniable!

The seismic restraint of suspended HVAC ducts, fire protection piping, electrical utilities and plumbing/piping systems for hospital construction projects has been a daily function of ISAT for many years. Although we have a broad range of project types under our belt, we are extremely proud of our hospital experience.

If you are involved in healthcare construction, you are familiar with the issues that compound the process. Highly congested hospital corridors, more stringent code requirements and ambiguous inspection influences all complicate an already tricky construction project. Past experience has proven a solid understanding of inherent issues and a good base knowledge of the seismic bracing code requirements by the entire construction and design team, can drastically streamline issues surrounding seismic bracing code compliance.

Contact ISAT to provide the latest insight to streamline your scope of work regarding seismic bracing code compliance for your projects.

The ISAT Design, Installation and Inspection Manual OPA-0485 is the most comprehensive OSHPD pre-approval in existence. Utilizing the ISAT OPA-0485 pre-approval, combined with our current OSHPD experience, has proven to be the single most effective tool in streamlining the OSHPD document review and plan approval process.

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