ISAT's Blue Banger Hanger

Blue Banger Hanger

ISAT’s Patented Blue Banger Hangers Reduce Project Labor and Product Cost

Our Blue Banger Hanger is considered the most universally accepted way to reduce your labor cost, increase project flexibility and improve the integrity of your MEP support system. ISAT’s Blue Banger Hanger makes hanging threaded rod for overhead applications simple, secure and is backed by full scale cracked concrete testing.

Specifically engineered to save time and money, each insert handles multiple threaded rod diameters and installs in a fraction of the time of post installed anchors. They are the insert of choice for Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler and Electrical contractors across the country as they require no drilling concrete, no use of rod couplers, and no special inspection while also reducing installer error. They are also backed by industry leading test approvals, and design and application engineering.

Which Blue Banger Hanger Can We Tell You More About?

Blue Banger Hanger
Steel Deck Insert
Pre-Poured Concrete Decks
Blue Banger Hangers
Pour-in-Place Insert
Wood Form Concrete Decks
Blue Banger Hanger
Roof Deck Insert
No Concrete Metal Decks

Whether you've been using Blue Banger Hangers on your construction projects for years or are being introduced to them for the first time, ISAT is your number one resource for the anchor that changed the industry.

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