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ICC-ES Evaluation ISAT Concrete Inserts Report. Blue Banger Hanger Earns ICC-ES Evaluation Report.

La Mirada, CA — International Seismic Application Technology, a global leader in seismic bracing products and services announces a break-thru in attachment systems to overhead concrete floors and composite metal decks with concrete. ISAT has successfully completed testing demonstrating suitability of their patented “Blue Banger Hanger” headed cast-in-place product line to be treated as a headed bolt for calculation purposes. In conjunction with this achievement, ISAT has been granted Evaluation Report #ESR-3599 from ICC Evaluation Services (ICC-ES). This is the first product line to be evaluated to the new ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for headed, cast-in specialty inserts in concrete (AC446). The deck inserts are specifically intended for use in overhead vertical support and seismic restraint anchors for all forms of suspended mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.

The report encompasses two ISAT specialty insert types—PIP’s for poured decks on wood forms and SDI’s for concrete atop metal decks. The inserts are internally multi-threaded to accept various diameters of all-thread rod (1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4”). These inserts are an alternative to post- installed concrete anchors, with the added benefit that they will not fail in withdrawal. They also substantially reduce the cost of installation by eliminating the laborious task of roto-hammering associated with overhead decks.

“As municipalities and construction professionals increase expectations in seismic code compliance for commercial construction projects worldwide, ISAT works to assure our products meet the highest industry standards and acceptance criteria,” said ISAT Engineering Vice President Al LaRoche. “ISAT has always had a great reputation for high-quality products, and this evaluation report validates our commitment to excellence. Being certified will enable architects, engineers, contractors, specifiers, and other construction professionals to specify our code-compliant products with confidence. The ISAT distinction on the head of our inserts now combined #3599 demonstrates that our inserts meet the highest quality standard.”

ICC-ES Concrete Insert Evaluation Report

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About ISAT: International Seismic Application Technology (ISAT) is the leading provider of seismic engineering & consulting services, quality assurance & restraint system components for nonstructural seismic bracing. With over 15,000 projects completed globally, ISAT is an authoritative resource for construction professionals worldwide. For more information on ISAT, or to view our portfolio of completed projects, visit our website at ISATsb.com, or call 877-523-6060.

About ICC-ES: ICC-ES is the United States’ leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs) provide evidence that products and systems meet code requirements and technical standards.

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Blue Banger Hanger Patent Numbers US 6,240,697 B1 and US 7,093,400 B1

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