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ISAT Flex Connector Engineering

The IBC requires utilities and their associated equipment be designed to withstand the anticipated seismic movement (differential displacement) (ASCE 7-05 13.6.3 (Mechanical Systems), ASCE 7-05 13.6.4 (Electrical Systems). Translation, whenever a non-braced system attaches to equipment or a braced system, the connection must be flexed in order to accommodate the differential movement. 

ISAT’s engineers can provide engineering packages covering all of your flex connection needs.

Your project can benefit from code language which allows bracing to be omitted from specific types and sizes of utility runs.  In order to benefit from these exclusions, the code indicates that all terminations for non-braced systems are to be flexible.  

ISAT’s Design Manuals provide a summary of allowed exclusions by Code year.
Historically post earthquake analysis has shown that substantial water damage has lead to facility closures resulting from the fracture of small water lines that were rigidly terminated.  Indeed entire hospitals have had to be evacuated for no other reason than flooding from fracturing of the mechanical system water lines.   Particularly vulnerable are VAV’s installed above suspended ceilings.  Often neither the equipment nor the water lines are braced which places high strain on the connection.

The solution is flexible connectors on the water line terminations to the VAV’s.


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