Floor Mounted Utility Support

ISAT Engineering Floor Mounted Utility Supports

The IBC/ASCE requires both suspended and floor mounted supports to be engineered on projects requiring seismic design of the MEP utilities (ASCE 7, Chapter 13). ISAT can provide custom solutions for the support and anchoring of utility runs and equipment where installation must be elevated above the floor. We can provide backup engineering for off the shelf pipe stanchions and generate custom designed stanchions to meet your needs including anchorage designs specific to the floor slab characteristics. ISAT can do it all!

ISAT also specializes in the design and sizing of anchor connections for equipment direct mounted to the floor or on housekeeping pads where seismic overturning forces must be accounted for, including equipment on vibration isolators.

From storage tank seismic anchorage and analysis to cooling tower structural steel support frames, pipe bridge design/analysis to design of utility crossover walkways, ISAT can meet your niche engineering needs!


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