Pre-construction Services

ISAT's Pre-construction Engineering Services

ISAT preconstruction services have been crucial to the success of many construction projects. By participating in the design development and construction document phase, ISAT can work with architects, structural engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors to optimize facility design.

ISAT’s expertise with structural loading limitations, application design in highly congested areas, unique solutions for facility risers, and full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing model coordination assures the issuance of accurate, high quality construction models and drawings. This early involvement has proven itself a practical yet invaluable delivery solution. ISAT can utilize its expertise to design supports that encompass all trades at once, an approach that drastically reduces the number of attachments to structure. The approach has been utilized globally by healthcare, biotech, data centers, educational institutions, and other critical facilities where adherence to the project schedule is critical.

ISAT Engineering Services Include:

  • MEP Pre-pour concrete insert drawings
  • 3D Modeling Coordination and Placement of Seismic Restraints
  • Structural Design Engineering of MEPS Vertical & Horizontal Supports
  • Thermal and Seismic Analysis
  • Interfacing with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Equipment & Anchorage Calculations & Details
  • Minimizing Seismic Restraint Locations
  • Production of MEP Point Load Drawings

ISAT provides its clients with the “total package” – from the interface with the project design and construction team, engineering design services, 3D modeling, coordination, and support throughout the construction process.

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