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ISAT QRXpert App for installation and QC of seismic bracing.

ISAT's QRXpert App - Download it Today!

Become an Expert in the installation and quality assurance of non-structural seismic bracing by using this app to easily understand location specific seismic bracing requirements. QRXpert delivers specific installation information and hands on understanding to the very individuals that need it most, the installer and quality assurance personnel. This app was created specifically to be used in conjunction with ISAT’s project specific engineered seismic bracing kits and QC tag system.

Each seismic location has its own unique QR code within the submittal, labelled on each kit and comes with a Quality Assurance QR tag to be installed after installation. This common QR code used throughout the process allows for any and all stakeholders to know exactly what should be installed at every unique location on a project. Additionally, the QR tag allows for the oversight team to completely understand what should be installed at that location and a simple way to track the QC process.

Upon scanning the QR code, field members have unlimited access to kit installation details, project specific requirements, and updated quality assurance approval status on one accessible platform. Construction requirements can be confusing, but with QRXpert you can streamline the process by eliminating surprises in the field. Quickly resolve installation concerns or avoid them altogether, saving both time and money.

Key Features:

• Easily view and share project specific seismic installation requirements.
• At a glance, project specific seismic requirements so everyone knows what must be braced.
• Provides additional transparency at the field level.
• Empowers team members with an upgraded means to ensure seismic compliance is achieved at the project site.
• Get updated quality assurance reports in real-time.

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ISAT's QRXpert App Screen Shots

ISAT's QRXpert App Screen Shots