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ISAT QRXpert App for installation and QC of seismic bracing.

ISAT's QRXpert App - Download it Today!

Be an expert in the installation and quality assurance processes of nonstructural seismic bracing with ISAT’s new QR code technology and field tagging system. Installers and quality assurance personnel can now use QRXpert’s location specific installation instructions to quickly and easily meet seismic bracing requirements in the field.

The app was created to be used in conjunction with ISAT’s engineered seismic bracing kits. Each seismic location has its own unique QR code within the submittal and is labelled on each kit. By opening QRXpert and scanning the QR code, users can instantly view exact installations instructions for any location, streamlining the seismic installation. This feature of the app is completely free of charge and can be used on any project ISAT’s orange kits are found.

Customers that would like to take additional steps to ensure proper installation can unlock the inspection and quality control portion of the app that integrates ISAT’s QR field tagging system. An additional tag can be included in each kit and hung at the completion of installation, allowing all field personnel and inspectors to verify accurate installation. Team members using the QR tagging system also gain access to location specific seismic bracing quality control checklists that can be updated in real-time. These checklists are color coded and can be generated for distribution to all parties involved on the project, providing a simple way to track the QC process.

Installation of nonstructural seismic bracing is common practice, but the complications of varying site-specific seismic requirements and the challenges of getting approved submittals into the hands of the installer, creates the opportunity for noncompliant installations and rework. By eliminating approval complexities, surprises in the field and incorporating automation, QRXpert rapidly resolves installation disputes, saving both time and money for all.

ISAT's QRXpert Key Features

• Streamline Project Workflow
• Expedite Project Communication
• Access Project Documents on Demand
• Review Project Seismic Documents
• Easy to Use Quality Control Checklist
• Track and Update Projects in Seconds

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After download scan sample code to try app.

ISAT's QRXpert App Screen Shots

ISAT's QRXpert App Screen Shots

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