Reduce RFI's and Reduce Change Orders

Proven Methods that Reduce RFIs & Change Orders on Projects

The #1 cause for RFI’s, change orders, contested cost over runs and poor installations regarding seismic bracing stems from unclear seismic specifications or misinformation/conflicting information on the construction documents.

ISAT proves time and time again that consulting engineers don’t need to provide more information to reduce RFI’s. In fact, our approach produces the least amount of RFI’s and places the liability in the appropriate place…on the seismic design engineer’s shoulders. As the codes have changed, the roles of the design engineers have changed as well. Unfortunately, the great majority of the design firms we speak to are not fully aware of these changes and have done very little to take advantage them.

A clear, simple concise seismic bracing specification allowing construction flexibility yet describing an easy path of design and documentation is paramount to streamlined code compliance. A well defined stand-alone specification section which states the proper code reference information, a method to meet the code and a rigid submittal process will ensure seismic bracing is addressed. This method has proven to be the most cost effective approach when all aspects are considered. Too often, the individual mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers utilize drastically different approaches to deal with this issue within the construction documents. Not only are you setting the inspection authority (if any) up for failure and it almost guarantees your building will not meet seismic code requirements. This puts the entire project at risk and compounds construction and litigation costs.

Take advantage of ISAT’s experience contact our team of experts to help you mitigate your liability and drastically reduce RFI’s and change orders.  ISAT is available to assist you and your team in developing clear and concise specifications that lead to proper budgeting, good contractor bids and eventual code compliance. Contact ISAT to get started.

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  • Specification review and rewrites
  • Construction document peer reviews
  • Assistance determining component Ip’s
  • Pre bid seismic scope reviews
  • Pre bid Seismic Education Seminars
  • Post bid subcontractor start up
  • Contractor Statement of Responsibility
  • Special Inspection assistance
  • Engineered seismic layout drawings & submittals post
  • installation conformance reviews
  • As built drawing creation for existing facilities