Seismic Design Seminars

Seismic Design Seminars

IBC Seismic Design Seminars on Requirements for Distributed Utilities

Seismic Design Requirements For Distributed Utilities

For over fifteen years, ISAT has been providing free seismic design seminars for construction professionals globally. Our seminars provide attendees with up to date seismic building code information, and the effects seismic codes impose on project requirements. Our library of webinars allows customers to familiarize themselves with various seismic code requirements at their own pace, around their own schedule.

What you can expect to learn in one of our online seminars:

  • What seismic restraints are and why they are required by law.
  • Where to find the requirements in the building code.
  • How to identify whether seismic restraints are required on your projects and to what extent.
  • How the seismic forces for a project are determined and what impacts the magnitude of the forces.
  • Changes that have occurred in the codes that can drastically effect the success of your projects.
  • Roles and responsibilities of all members of the project design team.
  • What a “complete” seismic design package includes.
  • What products and services ISAT provides that can help you achieve code compliance.

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Seismic bracing and code compliance for HVAC contractors Seismic bracing and code compliance for piping contractors Seismic bracing and code compliance for electrical contractors Seismic bracing and code compliance for plumbing contractors

2003-2006 IBC

2012-2015 IBC

2013 CBC

New Zealand NZS 4219/1170.5


Would you rather ISAT provide a free seismic design seminar for your company or organization at your facility? Would you like to watch a seminar on a topic you don’t see listed in our video library? ISAT regularly provides custom seminars covering various topics tailored to meet the needs of diverse companies.

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