Supplemental Steel Design

ISAT Supplemental Steel Design Engineering Services

The IBC/ASCE requires that all supports be engineered on projects requiring seismic design of the MEP utilities (ASCE 7, Chapter 13).  Although ISAT’s IBC design manuals provide many supplemental steel solutions, sometimes project specific field conditions require a “custom” solution.  ISAT’s engineering staff has years of experience solving unique support and attachment conditions. 

For example  -  your project may have point load restrictions for attachments to either the overhead floor or the roof deck established for good reason by the structural engineer.  Depending on the various factors, these restrictions may prohibit direct anchorage of heavier loads.  Supplemental steel engineered and sized for the condition is often the answer.

If your project requires the design and installation of supplemental steel for primary gravity supports of the distributed systems, or you simply need someone to tell you how to attach your anchors and guides to the structure, let ISAT’s professional engineers help you!



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