Utility Gravity Supports

ISAT Engineering Utility Gravity Supports and Attachments

Utilize ISAT and avoid being tripped up by code requirements that you may not be aware of. Gravity supports are a good case in point. ASCE 7 is the consensus document / publication required for use per the International Building Code (IBC) whenever seismic bracing is required on a project. Did you know that per ASCE 7, Sec. 13.6.5 the primary supports for the utilities must also be engineered?

ISAT can provide value engineered, stamped submittal packages for primary vertical support of suspended, distributed utilities as well as for floor mounted equipment. Typical packages include calculations and details, broken down by utility size, providing all necessary information to correctly install support systems the first time without review delays or red tags. For each utility ISAT will specify the maximum support spacing, the minimum rod size and will calculate the dead load at non-seismic locations as well as the rod total vertical load (TVL) at seismic locations. Using the loads, ISAT then creates value engineered, overhead anchorage connections specific to the overhead substrate (from cast-in-place concrete inserts to expansion anchors to beam clamps). And we provide multiple anchorage options.

ISAT’s vertical support packages can also include calculations and details for supplemental steel where connection to the overhead substrate (i.e. roof deck) is prohibited.

Whether the primary anchorage substrate for the project is concrete, steel or wood, leave the guesswork behind and let ISAT’s engineering staff provide the solutions to your vertical support problems!


(Sample ISAT Overhead Utility Gravity Supports and Attachments)

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