ISAT Advantage

How The ISAT Advantage Is Streamlining Code Compliance for Commercial Facilities Around the World.

Stiff competition, rapidly changing regulations, and heightened risks have created a complex business environment for today’s construction professionals. ISAT has a proven record with many of today’s most profitable and well respected construction companies, completing over 15,000 successful projects to date. From water and industrial facilities to sports stadiums, hospitals, data centers and manufacturing plants, ISAT has experienced the challenges its customers face and repeatedly delivered innovative labor saving engineering and product solutions. With our superior methods and extensive resources, ISAT has patented and manufactured seismic components designed to simplify code compliance. Here are some of the rewards our most recent customers have experienced on various projects utilizing ISAT’s optimized approach:

  • Removed 35% of the wedge anchors from the original project design.
    Savings to Customer = $120,000

  • Wall Bracket Re-Design Eliminated Costly Field Welding.
    Savings to Customer = 500 Man Hours

  • Downsized Plate Thickness and Anchorage Requirements on Pipe Supports.
    Savings to Customer = $60,000 in Materials


ISAT utilizes an optimized approach on all projects, making sure to maximize all possible cost savings for customers, while simultaneously improving the performance of seismic systems and ensuring seismic code compliance.

Multiple members of ISAT’s engineering staff not only sit on the ASCE-7 Code Committee, but have helped author the building code itself. ISAT is intimately familiar with seismic code requirements and upcoming changes that may affect your projects. This unique code knowledge and insight allows ISAT’s engineers to provide a code compliant system in the most cost effective and constructible manner possible.

Methods we Utilize to Maximize Customer Savings:


ISAT Seismic Kit Process   ISAT Value Engineering   Blue Banger Hanger Seismic inserts for concrete
ISAT Kit Process   ISAT Value Engineering   ISAT Blue Banger Hangers

Our kits are made to order for each location on the project and proven to drastically reduce labor. These kits are pre-packaged in orange buckets labeled by floor, area, and trade. Each bucket is clearly tagged with an ISAT kit identification correlating to an exact location on the seismic submittal plan set.


Upon review of the documents, design intent and specific building designs, ISAT will provide alternative methods of value engineering the seismic bracing anchorage systems. Utilizing our library of seismic systems already designed and published, cost effective alternatives can be reviewed up front and alternative designs can be incorporated.


ISAT's Blue Banger Hanger is considered the most universally accepted way to reduce your labor cost, increase project flexibility and improve the integrity of your MEP support system.

ISAT utilized numerous methods to reducing the financial implications of seismic bracing. Contact us today to learn more about how you may be able to cut costs on your project.