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Building Owners - Protect Your Facility and it's Components

As a new or existing building owner, are you aware of the recent adoption of the International Building Codes and the requirements they place on the nonstructural components of your facility? Evidence has proven that simply making sure your building is standing after a seismic event isn’t enough. This concept rings especially true for a building's mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection components, as they represent seventy five percent of the value of typical buildings exposed to earthquakes, and are crucial to the everyday operation of a facility. Restoring a building’s nonstructural components in the aftermath of an earthquake can shut down facilities for extended periods of time, and be monetarily devastating (even causing companies to go bankrupt).

This is one of many reasons that the International Building Codes have been adopted throughout the country, and liability has been placed in the hands of the building owners and design teams. ISAT has been working with building owners throughout the country to bring facilities into compliance with current codes with virtually no facility down-time. Seismic retrofitting is a cost effective way to increase your chances of business continuity after a major seismic event as well as ensuring safety and security of a building’s employees, machinery, and inventory.

If you are unsure about your facility's code compliance and would like further information regarding ISAT’s facility survey and retrofitting division, please Contact ISAT today or read more about our seismic services for building owners.


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