Retrofit Design Engineering

Examples of thousands of seismic retrofitting projects.

ISAT Seismic Retrofitting Design Engineering Services

ISAT’s engineers have spent countless hours designing solutions for retrofit projects, in fact all of ISAT’s seismic bracing materials have been designed from inception to be retrofit able (i.e. no need to disassemble the utility or it’s supports in order to install the seismic bracing).  We also specialize in “reverse engineering” existing, in-place moment frames and equipment installations qualifying their ability to successfully withstand seismic forces.  This greatly minimizes the need for tear-down and replacement which minimizes labor and materials associated with retrofit jobs.  We always strive to minimize modifications/interruptions to systems whenever we are involved in a retrofit scenario.

Seismic Bim before
Seismic Bim after


With our vast experience of thousands of retrofit projects on existing operational facilities (from hospitals to manufacturing facilities), we are very aware of the high cost of disruption to your business.  In most cases, equipment and systems can remain in operation while the contractor’s install ISAT’s “retrofittable” seismic solutions. 

ISAT’s Retrofit Design Services combined with our Survey services can make retrofit projects a breeze! 


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