SB 1953 Services

NPC Field Survey, Engineering, Construction Documents, Seismic Kits and Installation Oversight

ISAT provides a streamlined means to meet the requirements of SB1953. We offer an array of services to augment the design consultants already in place on a project. Our services are focused on accurate field surveys of the existing areas to assess the current conditions of the suspended piping, medical gas, suspended and floor mounted equipment, suspended ceiling bracing and fire sprinkler lines, electrical utilities and HVAC duct depending on the NPC upgrade category.

During the survey, ISAT will take lessons learned from over 195 hospital projects in 2008 alone to create as-built drawings indicating the locations of existing utilities and to engineer an installable seismic bracing solution to meet OSHPD requirements for non-structural utilities. With a design formulated, ISAT will then create a set of construction documents utilizing the ISAT Seismic Bracing System (OPA-0485) as its foundation. The intent is to use OSHPD pre-approved details in the seismic bracing submittal documents to streamline the review process and minimize OSHPD back-check comments.

With the ISAT Seismic Bracing System incorporated into the project permit set, the installing sub-contractor has an NPC upgrade path “pre-engineered” to account for above ceiling congestion and multiple installation options available without the need for time-consuming deferred approvals. ISAT complements the engineering documents with OSHPD approved hardware that that is shipped to the project areas in location-specific kits containing all components to properly brace the utilities in question as well as installation instructions..  
Throughout the seismic hardware installation, ISAT’s experienced technical support staff will maintain a regular field presence to ensure the sub-contractors’ familiarity with using the NPC project documents and the ISAT Seismic Bracing Design Manual in an effort to help mitigate any installation issues. By keeping the construction effort on-task and on schedule and by interfacing with the project IOR and OSHPD field staff (DSE and ACO), ISAT Seismic Bracing will play a vital role in helping make the  NPC upgrade project a success.

ISAT SB 1953 Technical Support Services 

For the duration of the Hospital NPC upgrade project, the ISAT Technical Support Team will swiftly address design issues during pre-construction, and, most importantly, during the installation phase of the seismic hardware. Our in-depth knowledge of best construction practices, coupled with a strong working relationship with OSHPD, make for a smooth SB1953 upgrade.
The ISAT design team includes registered structural engineers, degreed mechanical engineers, in-house CAD specialists, designers, seismic bracing layout technicians, and field support staff.  Because ISAT’s core competency is the seismic bracing of non-structural utilities, ISAT is currently the sole seismic bracing hardware supplier on some of the largest hospital projects in Northern California. Hospital owners such as St. Joseph’s, Kaiser Permanente, and Sutter Health have all sought ISAT’s engineering expertise in new and existing construction projects.
ISAT Post survey technical support services: 

  • Jobsite specific documents/submittals
  • Kit installer/detailer training
  • Installation coordination
  • Jobsite conflict resolution
  • Value engineering
  • Custom engineering
  • Post-installation site reviews

ISAT provides a full spectrum of technical support services to streamline installation and inspection

ISAT Seismic Bracing welcomes the opportunity to play an important role in continuing a hospitals commitment to providing leading edge healthcare. Our involvement with the NPC upgrade effort will ensure that the project remains on schedule and meets the SB1953 standards. With a comprehensive above ceiling and equipment survey, each Hospital will possess accurate documentation of the existing utilities for any future upgrade work as well. The bidding sub-contractor will possess a seismic bracing design that is installable and allows him to bid with confidence and reduce the RFI’s and change orders that plague projects that take a lesser path. Construction documents created will speed through the OSHPD review process with the addition of the seismic bracing industry’s largest library of pre-approved installation options. ISAT’s renowned technical support staff will interface with the project team at all levels – from the OSHPD District Structural Engineer down to the field installer-- to help shorten the construction schedule, minimize facility downtime, and ensure the Hospital can continue to provide its services.

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