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ISAT As Built Services

ISAT As Built Site Survey and Drawing Services

ISAT’s MEP Survey Division was established in response to the problems facility owners were experiencing associated with bloated construction costs on retrofit projects.  Often, accurate drawings of existing utilities within an owner’s facility don’t exist, or design documents can contain vague language, such as “contractor to verify field conditions”.  This type of ambiguous language on drawings unfairly forces contractors to increase their bids to avoid running the risk of change orders.

Additionally, it is often found that many retrofit bid packages go out for solication and include general seismic details based on original construction documents which can often be a road map for disaster.  These inaccuracies lead to Change Orders due to field variances from the design drawings, and project delays once construction begins in order to accommodate the changes.  It is important to note that seismic building codes change every few years, so drawings based on the orginal work may not meet current code requirements.

ISAT’s Survey Division eliminates both of these situations, and other problems by surveying the existing systems while simultaneously designing the seismic bracing in the field, and providing accurate coordinated bracing designs which reduce installation bids and construction delays. Our survey teams can be scheduled for day or night, allowing more flexibility for buildings that may be occupied during normal business hours.

Survey scopes typically include all utilities (suspended or floor mounted) and associated equipment.

As-Built Service Benefits at a Glance!



  • Existing Site MEP & F Surveys
  • Document Existing Utilities and Conditions
  • Creating MEP & F Upgrade Documents and S.O.W.
  • Engineering Services
  • 3D BIM odels, 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Certainty of Code Compliance
  • Protection of Lives, Equipment and Inventory
  • Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity
  • Reduced Installation Costs, Change Orders & RFI's
  • Expertise in Seismic Building Codes/Regulations
  • Faster Project Approval Turnaround Time - OSHPD

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