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Q: Does ISAT only work on OSHPD projects?

A: Although ISAT has a tremendous amount of OSHPD experience (189 Hospitals in 2 years), over half of our projects are Non-OSHPD and/or outside of California.

Q: Does the OSHPD approval on the ISAT Manual ever expire?

A: No. OSHPD approvals are valid as long as the applicable building code remains in effect. Please see our bulletin under OSHPD INFO on ISAT's Home Page.

Q: Does ISAT have their manual pages detailed in CAD?

A: The entire ISAT Design Manual and other helpful details are available in CAD from our website. Request an ISAT Engineering Aides Log-In to get access to these and other valuable resources.

Q: Can ISAT provide seismic layouts in 3D CAD?

A: ISAT has an extensive network of services and/or partnerships to effectively coordinate seismic bracing layouts in virtually all 3D modeling platforms.

Q: When should I get ISAT involved in a project?

A: It all depends on the scope of the project, however our clients typically get us involved as soon as possible.

Q: Does ISAT handle vibration isolation?

A: Yes. Whether it is floor mounted or suspended from the overhead structure, ISAT has dedicated staff, products and services to address your needs.

Q: What is HSSA and SB 1953?

A: The State of California passed the Alfred E. Alquist Hospital Seismic Safety Act (HSSA) in 1983. The act covered acute care hospitals, defined basically as any healthcare facility that provides 24-hour in-patient care. Senate Bill 1953 (SB 1953) was a furtherance and amendment to that act, and was signed into law in 1994. The following is from OSHPD's (Office of Statewide Hospital Planning and Development) website, and explains the relationship of the Alquist Act and SB 1953:

Q: What does NPC mean in relation to California Hospital retrofits?

A: NPC stands for Nonstructural Performance Category as outlined in the requirements of Senate Bill 1953.

Q: Is ISAT factory direct or do I need to go through a third party company?

A: All ISAT transactions are handled by factory direct company employed personnel.