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We call it “Streamlined Code Compliance”, but you can simply call it ISAT!

CONSULTING  With over 15,000 seismic bracing projects completed, ISAT has a tremendous amount of insight to assist with new or retro-fit projects. Bolster your project with the latest code knowledge and construction practices.

SEISMIC BRACING ISAT streamlined seismic bracing services provides mechanical, electrical, piping and fire system professionals with the products, guidance and support they need to achieve seismic bracing code compliance.

BUDGET ESTIMATING  Determining the financial impact of local codes is paramount to a successful project. ISAT has years of time/installation studies as well as an extensive understanding of the impact of code requirements to assist you with your estimate.

SPECIFICATION REVIEW  Concise specifications dedicated to providing a clear path for the contractor to meet the code is the backbone of streamlined code compliance. Utilize ISAT as a resource to provide specification assistance.

SEISMIC BRACING KITS PROCESS  ISAT seismic kits are made to order for each location on the project and proven to drastically reduce labor. These kits are pre-packaged in orange buckets labeled by floor, area, and trade. Each bucket is clearly tagged with an ISAT kit identification which correlates to an exact location on the seismic submittal plan set.

INSTALLATION OVERSIGHT  As an active member of the construction team, ISAT will augment the project team with installation oversight and inspection assistance. From staff education to installer training, we help to ensure code compliance.

REDUCE RFI'S Proven methods that reduce RFIs & Change Orders on projects. Our approach produces the least amount of RFI’s and places the liability in the appropriate place…on the seismic design engineer’s shoulders.

SEISMIC SPECIFICATIONS  The location of a project may dictate the seismic specification necessary for the project.  The owner may even "upgrade" the seismic specification based on his requirements or wish to have his building constructed with additional regulation.  Three seismic specifications are available here.

ENGINEERING SERVICES  ISAT offers a spectrum of services for those needing additional seismic bracing support.  ISAT will provide consulting services, education seminars, estimating services, engineering services, specification review and installation oversight, to name a few.

VALUE ENGINEERING  Based on the recent code changes, many opportunities exist to value engineer seismic bracing. Whether you are dealing with the IBC, CBC or UBC, take a closer look to see how we can help.

BIM - As the construction industry adopts Virtual Construction (Building Information Modeling (BIM)) the ISAT team is well positioned to deal with the stringent new requirements and construction coordination issues of the new IBC codes.

EDUCATION SEMINARS  ISAT provides in depth training classes to help construction professionals understand different building codes. These seminars will empower the audience with a solid understanding of the current codes throughout the United States and provide tools to streamline code compliance.