California Seismic Building Code - ISAT’s OPA-0485 Seismic Design Manual

The International Seismic Application Technology Design Manual provides guidelines for effective design and installation of seismic restraint systems for suspended utilities. In keeping with its commitment to the construction industry ISAT is proud to have been the first recipient of an ICBO ES Evaluation Report for its third party tested seismic bracket designs. Subject ES Report PFC-5566 details the strength values for ISAT’s family of seismic brackets including bracketry utilizing ISAT’s unique “Rod Capture” technology. A full copy of the ICBO Report may be found in the back of the Manual.

ISAT is based on extensive field experience in the seismic bracing of non-structural utility systems suspended from the tension zone of overhead decks or from other supporting structures. Design professionals and contractors deriving the most benefit from ISAT designs will be those involved with new or remedial construction associated with the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) trades.

Whether performing work within a California hospital or within general commercial, institutional or industrial construction, the user will find that ISAT’s engineered installation details encompass a range of efficient seismic bracing options with specific attention to ease of installation within congested areas - a problem common to most projects on which seismic bracing is required.

ISAT bracing details provide the option of utilizing several forms of seismic restraint brace arm elements including:

  • 12 gage channel
  • Tube steel
  • Aircraft cable
  • Hanging wire


OSHPD Compliance
The ISAT Applications and Design Manual complies with the requirements of the 2001 California Building Code (CBC), Title 24, Volume 2, Chapter 16A for hospitals under the jurisdiction of the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). The OSHPD assigned “Fixed Equipment Anchorage” approval review number for the ISAT Applications and Design Manual is OPA-0485.

General Code Compliance
In addition to OSHPD, ISAT installation details and engineered bracing tables are also suitable for use under the following codes and requirements:

  • 1997 Uniform Building Code
  • 2001 California Building Code
  • NPC Upgrades, California Senate Bill 1953, “Hospital Seismic Safety Act”
  • The BOCA National Building Code, 1999
  • International Building Code 2000
  • Unified Facilities Criteria 1-200-01, Dept. of Defense
  • FEMA 302y