Blue Banger Hanger - RDI (Roof Deck Insert)

Blue Banger Hanger RDI (Roof Deck Insert) - Multi Threaded Anchor Insert for Metal Decks (No Concrete)

ISAT's Roof Deck Insert (RDI) is a patented anchor that has a low profile attachment plate that does not protrude into roofing membrane. It's been engineered to save you time and money and is backed by industry leading design and application engineering. Blue Banger Hanger Patent Numbers US 6,240,697 B1 and US 7,093,400 B1

• Fully assembled for field installation including pre-staked deck screw.
• No using rod couplers, no special inspection and no installer error!
• RDI insert handles multiple threaded rod diameters and installs in a fraction of the time of post installed anchors.
• Reduce your inventory and increase your options.

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  • Fully assembled for field installation including pre-staked deck screws
  • Vertical support loads of 300 lbs. in 20 gauge deck
  • Designed to install on top or bottom deck flute
  • Low profile attachment plate does not protrude into roofing membrane
  • Internal threads eliminate the need and cost of couplings
  • Unparalleled testing and technical support
  • Provides excellent shear values for overhead attachments
  • Allows for threaded rod size changes after inserts are installed
  • RDI will accept 1.4", 38" and 1/2" rod sizes
  • Plastic sleeve provides guidance to align threaded rod with matching internal female threads
  • UL plenum rated for use in air handling spaces
  • Female threads reduce the need for costly rod couplers
  • No special inspection
  • Installs fast and secure
  • UL and FM listed