Custom Engineering

ISAT's Seismic Custom Engineering Services

The preconstruction process is where the biggest advantages are gained when trying to value engineer the impact of seismic bracing of non-structural mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) utilities on a project.

Upon a comprehensive review of the documents, design intent and specific building designs, ISAT will provide alternative methods of value engineering the seismic bracing anchorage systems. Utilizing our comprehensive library of MEP & F seismic systems already designed and published, cost effective alternatives can be reviewed up front and alternative designs can be incorporated.

ISAT deliver a full range of custom engineering services for MEP & F supports. We can provide attachments to slabs, wav, underside of deck or supplementary support systems. ISAT can design and fabricate racks and frames as part of their custom engineering services to deliver a turn-key solution to your project.

Take advantage of our vast library of knowledge and specific niche experience by Contacting ISAT about your project.