Seismic Bracing

Seismic Bracing

Leading the Industry in Nonstructural Seismic Bracing Products and Services

ISAT streamlines seismic bracing code compliance for all nonstructural utilities.

Seismic Bracing

Earthquake engineering continues to advance and integrate new technologies that demand improved seismic performance in commercial building. Likewise, business owners and insurance companies are forced to provide a higher level of protection for these facilities.

ISAT is helping achieve these objectives with solutions designed to reduce damage to nonstructural components -- a critical factor that is sometimes overlooked in the construction industry. Nonstructural components are typically more vulnerable to earthquake damage than structural elements, moreover they also tend to have higher cost implications.

Get a Competitive Edge and a Better Profit Margin

With 18 years of international seismic bracing expertise under our belt, ISAT has been tried and proven by some of today’s most profitable companies in the industry. Our ability to utilize current global “best practices” allows us to provide effective solutions that stabilize cost and insulate customers from unexpected runway cost that can send profit margins tumbling.

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Successful Companies Realize ISAT Provides a Competitive Edge

At ISAT we work closely with each client to explore all available options before deciding on project solutions. Our objective is to get your facility up to code requirement, with minimal impact to ongoing operations. Contact us today and put ISAT to work for you.


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Seismic Bracing