Seismic Project Estimates

ISAT Can Assist In Determining Your Project's Seismic Cost

Cost estimates are a daily function of the ISAT team.

Due to drastic changes and adoptions of the various International Building Code versions, many project teams are being caught by surprise as to the new variables and their related cost implications. Don’t let this happen to you.

By taking a close look at the project specifications and code required component importance factors (Ip’s) as well as the routing of the utilities, ISAT can help you determine if seismic bracing is required on your project, show you ways to reduce installation labor and provide you with a thorough seismic cost proposal.

Because the uninformed are at a major disadvantage, ISAT empowers the construction professional with the facts surrounding seismic bracing.

Terms to know before you bid a job under the IBC:

Component Importance Factor (Ip) With the IBC specifically, the project consulting team is now responsible for classifying the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems and utilities based on its particular end use (Component Importance Factor Ip). This classification has a tremendous impact on how the utility is braced and what size will need bracing. Determining these utility classifications and determining the financial impact should happen at the same time. Seismic Design Category (SDC).

Lessons Learned:

More often than not, the financial impact of code required seismic bracing is not recognized until after project budgets are set by the building owners and often after the subcontractors are on board. This can not only bust a budget, but can cause undue backlash and mountains of contested change orders and RFI’s.

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